VAG K+CAN V1.4 OBD USB Tool Commander Car Diagnostic Cable


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Diagnostic via CAN and Special functions via K-line.
Covers all electronic control units in vehicles. This can allow user to investigate and diagnosis some new units' untouchable for remaining diagnostic tools. Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
Manual definition of running diagnostic session not like remaining diagnostic tools always standard diagnostic session 0x89. Function is under CAN-TP2.0.
Broadcast diagnostic request, disable normal communication, clear DTCs, Logistic (transport) mode ...
Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
Allows managing of brand new units (and immobilizer units) where is allowed programming of PIN, SKC,
BGW, MAC. Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
Most of popular diagnostic requests, identifications, coding, adaptations, DTCs and S.O. Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
Odometer correction in instrument clusters and EDC15x.
Read Security Access Code/Login WFS.
Read/program immobilizer data.
Read/write EEPROM from instrument cluster/immobilizer. All supported clusters CAN/K.
VAG MMI TV Activation.
Read/Write EEPROM of Engine Control Units BOSCH VAG-EDC15x, VAG-ME7.1.1, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, Porsche.
Key learning buttons for easy usage (not needed security code).
Key learning Porsche CAYENNE (not needed security code) K+CAN.
Custom memory reading from different units like ECUs, EZS-Kessy and so...
Reading flash memories EDC16x, EDC15x, ME7x, MED951, MED751
Crash data clear in airbag units
Note: This only supports Win XP not supports Win7!