BMW Scanner 1.4 Programmer V1.4 Diagnostic Scan Interface


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About this product:
With this BMW Scanner, you could connect the car to the computer to do inspection by yourself! It would save your money and time.
General Functions include:
Determine chassis number, model, engine, gearbox and so forth
Identification Data
Odometer value
Programming information
Error Codes (DTC)
Reading and Saving Functions:
Program memory
Coding Data
DTC and DTC Shadow-memory
Live Data
Programming info
Copying ZCS (IKE - EWS) and FA (IKE - LCM) coding
Unlock Functions:
DTCs description in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS4
Clearing DTCs in same units
EWS-DME synchronization code in DME MS43.0
Live data in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS2 and MRS4
Status of all keys in EWS3
EWS3 coding data interpretation
Equipment correction in SRS MRS4
Compatible models: BMW E38, E39, E46, E53, E83, E85 and etc.
Item size: 110 * 5 * 2.5cm ( 43.3 * 2.0 * 1.0in)
Item weight: 145g/5oz
Item Includes:
1 * BMW scanner V1.4.0
1 * USB cable
1 * CD with software